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London Chamber Orchestra

The London Chamber Orchestra will perform uplifting music to celebrate the life-changing work undertaken by Helen & Douglas House and Momiji House.


Starts on 16/10/2017

Ends on 22/02/2018
Category Entertainment
Location London

London Chamber Orchestra


Date: 22nd February 2018

Location: Cadagan Hall, London


Continuing the Orchestra’s season-long journey through emotions in music, this concert explores the empathy between three great Austrian composers who supported and championed each other’s music.

Haydn’s own nickname for his Symphony No. 64 was Tempora mutantur (Times change) – perhaps inspired by the work’s radical slow movement which breaks musical rules for emotional effect. The good-natured Piano Concerto No. 17 by Haydn’s great friend Mozart is one of his very finest, and is performed in our concert by much-loved British pianist, Freddy Kempf.

From a slightly later era, Schubert made no secret of his love for the music of Mozart and Haydn, and his high-spirited Symphony No. 55 exudes the influence of both his earlier contemporaries. 

Programme will be: Haydn, Mozart, Interval, Schubert


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